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How early should I book Wedding Venues?

Generally, you should plan to book your wedding venue at least a year or nine months before your date which means you need to begin your research a couple of months prior to that.

How much do Wedding Venues cost?

One of the first decisions to be made is to finalise the Wedding Venue. Be it a destination wedding, or in the heart of your hometown, the venue accounts for a hefty percentage of your wedding expenses.
Especially during the peak marriage season, when the demand for locations is high, prices tend to go up. An average hotel ballroom could cost you around 1 lakh for a day whereas special destinations and resorts could easily charge several lakhs of rupees.

Are Wedding Venues a good investment?

You need to choose an equally beautiful Wedding Venue, as your wedding attire. Just as you wish to awestruck people with your bridal same should you with your choice of wedding venue.

Do Wedding Venues allow outside catering?

Today, most Wedding Venues provide you with in-house catering services. While there are some venues which allow you to hire caterers of your choice from outside.

Do Wedding Venues allow alcohol?

Some Wedding Venues in India do serve you alcohol, yet there are many that neither serve you alcohol nor do they allow you to bring alcohol from outside. However, if alcohol is a major factor for you or your guests, it is advisable to search venues accordingly.