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Flower Design Wedding Reception Invitation


Wedding Reception Invitation Cards


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Wedding invite E-Card

If you want something special and exclusive for your big day, then get a good Wedding E-Card! Fancy Ecards for your Special day with beautiful designs and special online invitation templates.  A Perfect Wedding E-Card is a necessity and that makes your greetings even more well-placed. Infact, most Invitation Cards are about the function that makes Wedding Ecards so much more personal. 

Why Send Digital Wedding Invitations?

If you're running short of time, and you have more than a hundred guests to invite. What would you choose? Would you individually visit every person or choose something a little more wise and convenient? The answer is obviously, the above. Most families have a lot of work before the wedding ceremony. they hardly have enough time to work on all the invitation cards. That makes Wedding E-Cards way more flexible and comforting.  You can send 10 such wedding cards to hundred people in under a minute. Such wedding invitation card designs are easily available on myMandap. You can choose from a wide variety of Wedding Greeting Card Designs and Digital Birthday cards too. 

Why is an Online Wedding Card Better?

In one word, it's all about convenience and comfort. Wedding Ecards are way better in terms of these two. There are many fancy digital wedding invitation cards, but the design isn't everything.  You can literally choose from a variety of options. Firstly, there are sleek invitation designs for every occasion. It starts with choosing a design, and then you can send a digital invite to everyone you want. A Digital Wedding Invite is way better in terms of saving on Paper and resources. You don't have to go around the clock to individually invite every guest on the list. Instead, you can choose between the guests. 

Does a Digital Wedding Card have enough Details?

E-Cards are very similar to any paper Wedding Card. It includes a detailed version of any other wedding card. Firstly, traditional wedding cards usually have details about both families, the wedding venue address and the date.  Likewise, Wedding Ecards have every detail that you want to print. It holds the groom and the bride's names on top with their wedding date and wedding venue located at the bottom.  Some people even prefer making a ‘Save the Date’ kind of Wedding E-Card. That you can post on your social media platform too. A Happy Couple would choose a picture in their Wedding E-Card Design. Lastly, that is a very personal choice. 

Is it a little more budget-friendly?

Now, that is very true and it is definitely a plus point. No one wants to spend a lot of money on wedding invitations. Infact, after spending Lakhs on decoration and bridal showers; you want something on the pocket-friendly side.  Once you spend an amount of ₹199 to ₹399 on myMandap. You get a fancy digital E-Card for your wedding day. On the other hand, if you spent the same amount on offline cards then you have to buy more than one.  The amount you spend on a Wedding E-Card is a one-time thing. Whereas, offline cards are a lot more expensive as it includes printing charges and many other costs. 

Who should you send a Digital Invitation to?

You can send a Wedding Invitation Video or Wedding e-Card to everyone you want to. There isn't any boundary that you can't send Digital Wedding Invitation Card Designs to your friends and family members.  An online invitation itinerary is preferred by everyone. These days most guests prefer a Digital RSVP Card. It is easier to excess and they can find it at any moment that they want. Same for Engagement or Wedding Greeting Cards.  As a Wedding Card Maker, we shall suggest a collection of beautiful Wedding E-Card Designs for your special day. Such Wedding Invitation Template Designs are way better and they can be personalized too. 

Photo Wedding E-Cards Vs Video Invitation

Now, this is entirely dependent on the person sending it. A Wedding Card Design can have a picture of the couple, or it can even have a slideshow GIF. The Wedding Template for your card would depend on your choice.  You can wish your heartiest greeting and send a note to all their congratulations and wedding wishes. Such Photo Wedding E-cards are very popular and they make the wedding itinerary even more put together.  Lastly, it's your choice if you want to get an offline Paper Wedding Card or a Wedding E-Card. Both ways, it depends on the person sending it. Make your Big Day special with the wide variety of Wedding E-Cards on myMandap.